Crews 2022

We are delighted to announce that your child has been successful in gaining a place in a BPM Crew.

If you do not wish to accept your place in one of this years crews, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can give your place to someone on the reserve list.

We are really looking forward to another incredible year competing. We have a few policies in place to ensure that we can all continue to grow and develop as a BPM force to be reckoned with.

Please see below and fill out the form to accept your child/children’s place in crew and agree to the below terms and conditions.



1) We take our crew commitment very seriously. We have our students’ best interest at heart and to make sure that we are training and performing at our best level, we do demand an intense amount of dedication. Unfortunately, if this commitment isn’t shown, it can lead to a child’s removal from crew.

1a) Whilst we completely support students attending other dance schools or dance classes, this should never interfere with a BPM rehearsal, competition or event. By signing up to crews you acknowledge your commitment to BPM and your team members are a priority. Students who choose another dance school event over BPM will be asked to leave.

2) Students are not permitted to miss a crew rehearsal the week of a competition (unless circumstances are discussed in advance). We hope you can understand that it is increasingly difficult to change patterns so frequently and work without students present. Competition tickets will be charged if you have already ordered them and cannot attend.
3) Students that are part of our crews are required to attend at least one competition a month which are always on Sundays. Students must be committed to attend almost all of the competitions. If a student cannot make a competition, we asked that be told well in advanced so that patterns can be changed for the next competition. Students are NOT permitted to miss two competitions in a row (unless circumstances which are discussed in advance). We try to give as much notice as possible of competition dates.

4) All students will automatically be on a probationary period from September until December. During this period, all crew members must attend every class and competition, unless there are exceptional circumstances which can be discussed in advance. Failure to attend all classes could result in students being asked to leave crew.

5) During the probationary period, students are expected to be practicing the crew routines they have learnt at home and come back to class knowing them.

6) As well as competitions the crews represent BPM for all performances we are invited to take part in festivals and other shows within Sussex. During the spring/summer it’s obviously busier for us with lots of events going on along with extra show rehearsals, but crew members are expected to be available and show commitment.

7) Extra training sessions for competitions may pop up during the competing year. We cannot predict when these will be but in the past have been in school holidays, Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Crew Fees

1) You agree to pay a contribution fee to the cost of the crew costume of £40+VAT and will be required to look after the costume and keep in pristine condition. Once you have accepted your place, an invoice will be sent out immediately that needs to be paid in order to confirm your place in crew. This fee is non-refundable.

2) This costume is under no circumstances to be worn for anything other that crew events, this includes duos and activities outside of BPM. The costume remains property of BPM Dance Academy and is to be returned at the end of the competitive year in July.

3) Any costumes lost or damaged will have to be paid for at the current retail price.

4) Crew class fees are billed at £6+vat for a 1 hour class.

5) All competition ticket money must be paid in cash the week of the competition. We hand this cash directly to the promoter. Any tickets ordered must be paid for.

Weekly Competitive Class 
All our crew students are welcome to attend our weekly competitive class which will now be held on a Tuesday from 6.30pm to 7.00pm. This is a drop in class and will be charged at £3 for the half hour. Payment must be made upon arrival in cash.
This is a non-compulsory class and is only optional. However, it is extremely useful for practicing Solos & Duos to prepare for the competition season. We have noticed a vast improvement with students that attend.

Extra Training & Competition Dates 2022/23

Soar South East – Crawley – 9th October 2022

BDO South East – Maidstone – 20th November 2022

Winter Wonder Jam – London – 4th December 2022

Show Rehearsal – Thursday 15th & Friday 16th December PM

BPM Christmas Show – Saturday 17th December

Camber Sands Dance Weekend (Camber Sands) – April 2023

BPM Crew Updates –  Whatsapp

We send all our updates to our crew members to our Whatsapp group to make it easier and quicker for responding.
We also have a Facebook group. If you are a member of Facebook, please make sure you request to join the group.
BPM Dance Academy – Official Crew Members –
We do send also send updates via Whatsapp/Email if you are not on Facebook, just let us know.
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